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We tend to choose the best out of the (better) options given to us

‘We tend to choose the best out of the (better) options given to us.’

-Steve Jobs (It’s the dictum of his brain-child Apple)


We’re in an age of ‘instant gratification’ or you can say ‘accelerated aesthetics’. This attitude has seeped into real estate and the housing/staying products that are being churned out, have the unmistakable stamp of ‘quick habitability.’

Serviced apartments, therefore, become a vogue for working professionals, whose sense of home decor has undergone a sea-change in this fast-paced age.

Gone are the days of having rented apartments and embellishing them. The working-class couples are moneyed but have no time for things that require leisure. In fact, leisure has become a casualty in our era.

Baner-based GRD’s think-tank has realised that this is the time to introduce Serviced Apartments in Poona, which already furnished with all sorts of amenities so that working professionals needn’t run from pillar to post to decorate their fancy pads.

Time is money. So honeyed Serviced Apartments are the in-things preferred by international travellers and hi-end working professionals.

Finally, Serviced Apartments/Resonare by GRD have a ring of artistic creativity and homeliness that can immediately appeal to those for whom wondrous living truly matters and at the same time, who also give importance to loving care. Resonare gives that caring caress to its customers.

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