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The True Experience Of Home Away From Home

Years ago when Neil Diamond crooned ‘Home away from home’, no one expected that after many decades, the same catchphrase can be used in the real estate context of Resonare.

Grihastu Hridyam karnarpitam is a Sanskrit adage that means: Home is where the heart is.

Baner-based Resonare’s every creation carries this spirit- HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS, whether it’s a Serviced Apartment, Corporate Project or a Housing Conglomerate.

A home becomes the home when it’s created and crafted with genuine love, affection and concern for oneself and also for others. This essence of love is palpably obvious when Resonare’s Serviced Apartments, creations or other realty genres are considered.

Resonare has its fingers on the pulse of the changing times and climes with its innovations that are in sync with the very best in real estate anywhere in the world.

A well-furnished hotel room, however sublime a suite it may be, is, after all, a hotel room. But Resonare’s fascinating, Serviced Apartments are places that engulf you with homely love and emotions and you feel as if you’ve not left even the threshold of your home. That they’re already fully-furnished is a bonus, to boot.

This genuine home away from home feeling given by Resonare is so contagious that you simply can’t resist its creations, whether you’re from corporate sector looking for the corporate stay or a casual traveller opting for a fanciful stay.

Just step in and you’ll step out vouching for the glory of Resonare’s thoughtful staying options, opportunities and occasions. In other words, you’ll be hooked on to it forever.

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