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The Changing Trends of the Hotel Industry

Changing trends in the hotel industry:

Until you innovate and renovate
Finesse you’ll not be able to cultivate

-English poet Leigh Hunte

Hunte’s aforementioned couplet applies to hotel industry which’s gearing up to accept and introduce huge changes because the new millennium has witnessed a new set of perceptions in every walk of life. The hotel industry isn’t untouched by that.

Earlier, hotels (esp. star hotel or graded ones) used to have luxury suites as the best possible service to their patrons. Things have changed. Now serviced apartments are being offered to jet-setters and frequent hotel-hoppers around the world. Beginning as designers’ suites at hotel Ritz in London, Serviced Apartments are now the de-rigueur among the elitist societies and uber-refined hoteling ethos.

For years, there was an obscure sentiment, rather complaint, among the international travellers that there was a kind of indifferent feeling and a non-attachment stay at even the very best hotels. That came and went feeling with no grounding and attachment stayed at the back of the minds of all clients, travellers, patrons and connoisseurs.

Serviced Apartments have dispersed that feeling. You feel you’re at a home away from home. In other words, the best of amenities have been squeezed into yet another home for you at any point and corner of the globe.

Baner-based Resonare has an acumen in building and conceiving Serviced Apartments and Resonare Lifestyle cottages that are getting permanent fixtures in the modern hotel industry.

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