I visited the premise when a friend was staying there and instantly fell in love with the decor, ambiance and the vibe of the property. Now it has been a ritual to land at Resonare whenever I visit the city..... And I might be guilty of visiting the city when I wish to stay at Resonare!

Kaushalya Batawala

MCVP- AIESEC in SriLanka

I am working in Pune since 4years now, I have been searching for a suitable place to accommodate my level of energy and the extrovert person I am. I feel Resonaré's concept of sharing a room fifth a complete stranger has been the best networking I have done in years, the period I have stayed with them, I have shared my room with at least 10 different people from different parts of the world and have truly experienced the Global life in a place so well rooted to this country.

Rutuja Jadhav


An experience which truly speaks for itself, we were back in Pune after 10 years of staying in the states we were terribly jet lagged and my wife was nauseous. The ambient music and the helpful staff assisted the both of us so well that the minute we think of India, we think of Resonaré and the people who brought us out of our misery.

Ashish Kulkarni

I was the bride to be and my house wasn't big enough to accommodate all the guests. We decided to rent out the entire premise of Resonaré, we had planned a 2-week long wedding with all elaborate ceremonies. The premises emitted such positive aura right from the ambient lighting and music to the lovely staff. Our marriage was one which everyone to date wishes would have never ended.

Puja Moghe

(ABC Financial)
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