About Resonare

What is Resonaré Echo of Life?

“The fanciful idea of serviced apartments has got a notch higher to become Resonaré Serviced Apartments, which, true to its name, resonates in your heart and mind and echoes with the creme-de-la-creme.

RESONARE HOSPITALITY SERVICES has always believed in providing the sublime best to its patrons and this concept exemplifies RESONARE HOSPITALITY SERVICES objective to give the stratosphere of high and haute living.

Resonaré properties have a secluded, yet in tune, otherworldly feel.
You hum to see it: Hey, it’s my kingdom……… “


“Vision is always a possibility or expansion of going beyond visible horizons
Jawaharlal Nehru's soldering of vision is often quoted by the corporate head-honchos. We vow to provide shelters for all the demand categories of India.”


“To provide an experience better than their alma mater in every prominent Indian city, which they would cherish until the next time they visit us.We mean that what we promise, we square that with performances”


“Introducing Resonare Hospitality Services- which include Serviced Apartments, Women's hostels, Youth Hostels and Budget Hotels, among other commercial leasing projects. Offering a service from the past with the modern luxuries and comfort!”


“A peep into the leader’s persona:
British PM Sir Winston Churchill used to say, ‘Send me a relevant peep into the man’s persona. I’ve no time to count his entire life’s achievements.'”

Gaurav Attarde

Gaurav Attarde (MD)

By dint of sheer perseverance, he’s reached this position to own and head a conglomerate with complete aplomb. Based in Pune, Gaurav Attarde is a first generation entrepreneur and an angel investor. Mr. Gaurav has taken it upon him to fit luxury, homely vibe, and affordability, like contradictions together in the true sense.

Harshada Kulkarni 2

Harshada Kulkarni (COO)

The corporate patron, the next woman is in all senses a very strong pillar of Resonaré. In an organization with a lot of creatives working together the necessary structure and the discipline is brought by the COO, Harshada Kulkarni.  A Product Management Professional and a Service Design Specialist, Harshada has been in the IT industry all her life. A daring decision to change the industry and a even strong decision was that of joining an upcoming brand. A faith rested in the right hands is what she says about Resonaré.

Jyoti Rane

Jyoti Rane (Principal Architect)

Thane-based Jyoti is an architect from BKPS COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE, PUNE. She’s a veritable aesthete, a connoisseur of all that’s beautiful and artistic. Her artistic proclivity and creative bent of mind enabled her to delve into architecture, interior designing and digital art.


“Management is an umbrella and all others are the competent holders of this umbrella-stick.’

-Japanese Corporate Maxim

The aforementioned maxim regarding the significance of management fits like a button into a blazer-hole in the context of Resonaré’s management. The competent management of Resonaré sees to it that the work must go on uninterrupted and the system remains well-oiled.

The management of Resonaré comprises individuals who’ve fair and far thinking with fire in their bellies to ripple through all hurdles and hiccups.

The collective modern-thinking of the management makes the work faster and smoother. This also makes decision-making remarkably easier.

In a very short span of time, Resonaré’s management acumen has been able to create echoes of success for the satisfaction of its prospective buyers and connoisseurs of fine-living and creamy lifestyle.”


Our Team

The great West Indian batsman and one of the finest skippers in the history of cricket, Clive Lloyd used to say, ‘ However great a captain may be, he needs an equally efficient and talented bunch of players. Then only can a team flourish and thrive.’The friendliness, helpfulness, reliability, and cordiality of our staff can’t be questioned. They’re above reproach. In fine, our employees and staff are an asset to Resonaré and they make us pardonably proud.

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