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Hand picked & Crafted with Love

A space designed & decorated with ornamental Indian art, crafted by the true artisans from India.
How this gives the space a more authentic feel?

The ethnicity lends authenticity.

This saying applies to the artistic creativity of Resonare, manifest through its Serviced Apartments and ultra-mural Resonare.

A country and its creative ethos, as well as artistic manifestations, are interwoven. The distinct flavour of the soil, a phrase coined by M F Hussain, while decorating and embellishing a mega-star’s home, must speak through the brick-mortar creations.

Apnapan aata hai jab zameen se judte hain (Closeness takes birth when we get attached to the soil). Visit Taj Bengal in Calcutta or Taj Mysore. You’ll feel the throbbing presence of cultural sweepings integral to Bengal and Mysore. This gives you a feeling of instant AT-HOMENESS.

Applying the same logic and sentiments of OWN-NESS, Resonare creates an aura and atmosphere

The own-ness of Indian art burgeons into ONENESS of Indian hospitality and eternal aesthetic charm. Mind you, the whole purpose of creating superfine projects is to promote the essence of the land, aroma of culture, love of its people and integrity of its everlasting values.

Baner-based Resonare weaves all into creating a seamless landscape of instant appreciation from the visitors and the inmates. The love, at first sight, becomes an underlying reality here and removes the niggling feeling of foreignness, giving rise to cordial friendliness. It’s indeed a creative dimension Resonare can pardonably brag about.

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