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Changed trends in Renting property, improved market shares of Serviced apartments

Real Estate in India has undergone a sea-change in recent years. From humdrum flats to Serviced Apartments,
real estate has witnessed a tsunami of changes and now it can be said that this rather unorganized sector has become organized and come of age.

Home and hearth are the fundamental prerequisites for every individual. When the basic needs are fulfilled,
come to 3s: Choice, Comfort and Creativity.

Today’s buyers are not just discerning, they’re very pragmatic as well. They want, nay demand, the product
that not only satisfies their basic needs but also satiates their creative inclinations.

Serviced Apartment, therefore, comes as a boon to them where they can experience the very best in accordance
with their investment.

The concept of Serviced Apartment is rather new, not just to the elite buyers of Poona but also of India. Super-well-furnished (Effron- elementa in Dutch) Serviced Apartments are the most sought after staying and living options in today’s world.

A Serviced Apartment is a living experience that cannot be worded until one steps in and imbibes this otherworldly

A princely lifestyle sans any hassle is the core and crux of a Serviced Apartment. The hi-end tourists, creamy
working class and those who value trendiest life are the people whose first and foremost choice is a Serviced Apartment.

‘Amenities when put together become privileges. When they’re exclusively and exquisitely lined up for you, they become feathers in your affluent cap,’ opined a famous British architect. The same can be said about the Serviced Apartments, created, conceived and conceptualized by Baner-based hospitality conglomerate: Resonare.

Resonare has built Serviced Apartments which have bagged the market shares in a jiffy. Today, Serviced Apartment
is a buzz word in real estate and is in vogue. People for whom fabulous living is not just a need but the sine qua non, are drawn to Serviced Apartments like moths to a flame.

In other words, a Serviced Apartment is commensurate with the possessor’s class, money, dignity, stature and jet-set way of life.

No wonder, real estate has gone up meteorically because of this innovation along with Resonare which’s yet another creative concept from the stable of GRD. This has lent respectability to this sector and given an edge that was hitherto missing.

Enjoying life to the hilt and utilizing it to the optimum is the philosophy Resonare believes in intrinsically.

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