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A company whose leadership is in the hand of 3 efficient and versatile leaders and visionaries, Resonaré has made a mark in the hospitality industry in such a short span. An environment which is a building ground for a great leader. If you have the 3 P’s of Resonaré – Potential, Passion, and Processing, we assure you that you will go great lengths with this company. We are such that we believe in goal congruence, and the true growth of the company happens when the people in the company step out of their comfort zones and work.

General Manager

An individual who is good at understanding and speaking a minimum of 3 languages, Hindi, Marathi & English. We want a person who can be rigid and at the same time considerate as the need arises. Someone who is willing to learn and willing to put in more than what is asked of him would be a great suit for the organization.


An individual with the basic qualities of a tidy and organized human being. This individual is expected to look after at least 2 floors entirely. He should be good at quick problem solving, helpful, willing to work, honest, and the most important of all disciplined.


As the property is secluded and in a quite locality we majorly are expecting that the security personnel need to be alert at all times and should be honest and able to safeguard the property in times of need. We would appreciate if this individual also has a driving license of a car so that in terms of need he can also act as the valet for the premise. This individual might or might not get a choice of shifts on the basis of the availability of other candidates. This individual must be ready for the same.

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